A little rain never hurt anybody!

Well, we are well into wedding season and our coordinators at Southern Bliss have been busy! Tons of stunning brides, handsome grooms, incredible photographers, amazing venues, and the list goes on and on.

The period from April to October has been deemed wedding season for the option and thrill of outdoor weddings. The nice weather, green grass, blue skies, fresh air, sunsets. It all makes for pretty perfect wedding days. But, as we all know, April and May can have some rainy days. But, a little rain never hurt anyone, right? There are plenty of ways to keep your perfect day alive even when it's pouring and the skies are grey. 

Outdoor space heaters
If it's a rainy April day, chances are it's going to be pretty chilly. Luckily there isn't any humidity, but the chill can be uncomfortable for you and your guests if you're only shelter from the rain and wind is a tent without walls. That's where space heaters come in. Just a few of them can heat up an entire tent and make all the difference.

Rent or buy flooring
The tent out in the gorgeous field by the barn is all set up, but it rains all day. Now the grass is all wet and there are mud puddles everywhere. Don't fret! You can rent or buy flooring options to lay down on the wet, muddy field so you can still eat, dance and gather under the tent. 

Ask for siding on the tent
Rental companies are ready for anything! They offer special siding that hooks to the tent so you have more of an enclosed space to block any wind or rain. Problem solved!

Have you ever seen newlywed photos in the rain? 
It may not sound ideal because it can a little restricting, but the creativity and beauty that comes out of rainy photoshoots are stunning. 

The coordinators here at Southern Bliss are ready for anything, rain or shine. Don't let anything, especially weather, ruin your perfect day. Let us join you and take care of every detail.