Things to Keep In Mind For Your Fall/Winter Wedding

Spring and Summer seasons are officially coming to a close. All of the lush greenery, bright and sunny color schemes and warm weather evenings are fading away. But, we all know what that means, Fall is here! This season can be one of the most popular wedding seasons. It's the perfect weather, the warm colors, the giddy feeling of the holidays coming up and the delicious flavors we've been waiting for all year! As coordinators, we love love love the look and feel of Fall/ Winter weddings. There's just something about this season and the new colors everywhere that we can't get enough of!

But, there are some important things to keep in mind as you consider setting a Fall/ Winter wedding date. Things that seem like minor details compared to choosing a venue and photographer, but definitely still essential to be mindful of.

1. Always prepare for cooler evenings. 

One of the things most people love about the Fall/Winter months are the cooler temperatures in the evening because that usually means blankets, sweatshirts and bonfires! Yes, please! But, when it comes to an evening wedding in these months, the temperature drop could have a pretty big effect. If you're considering anything outdoors whether its the entire reception, games, drinks, fire pit, etc., make sure you're coordinator knows that so we can plan accordingly!

2. Outdoor reception is great, but keep this in mind...

Is an outdoor reception your dream?! Great, let's do it! There are always solutions to every problem. Although being outdoors means no central heat, that doesn't mean we can't rent large space heaters that look great and make all the difference. Just keep in mind this will be an extra expense that you'll need to budget for. But if this is your dream, we can make it happen and keep you and your guests happy!

3. Timing is everything.

Don't forget about the early sunset this time of year! As coordinators, we always highly encourage First Looks much more for evening weddings during these months. You don't want to leave the ceremony ready to take pictures and it's already dark outside! 

4. More on timing...

Who doesn't love a good send-off for the bride and groom?! During these months, it might be a better option to do a celebration when leaving the ceremony as opposed to waiting until 10pm when the temperature has dropped pretty significantly. There are so many fun and exciting ways to exit the ceremony with a bang that not doing the sparkler send-off won't matter at all!

5. Your guests will love you!

All in all, Fall/Winter weddings are beautiful, unique and full of warmth. We're big fans! There are just certain details that will make all the difference for you, your guests and the photographer. Now, let's start planning!