Top 5 Things Your Wedding Planner Wants You To Know

As a bride, you want your wedding day to be everything you've ever dreamed of - stunning and stress free. The last thing you should be doing on the big day is worrying about florists, caterers, guests, videographers, DJ's, centerpieces, etc. It's YOUR day, and we want you to remember it as a day that felt like an utterly perfect dream. 

Wedding Coordinators have an important and special job: to ensure that that dream comes true.  

Here are a few things that we want you to know as your future wedding coordinator. 

1) You hired us to do a job that we're great at! Trust us.

Letting someone you've never met plan, coordinate and be apart of your big day might sound daunting. But planning and coordinating the entire thing alone might sound even worse. You want everything to go perfectly and look amazing, but you have no idea where to start! As experienced, professional coordinators, we have an eye for design, brains for flawless execution and great relationships with Knoxville's best vendors. You can trust us to take all of your dreams, ideas and visions to heart in every detail of planning while also being honest about what is realistic.

2) Experience is essential.

In 2015, Knoxville awarded Southern Bliss Weddings with "Best Wedding Coordinators". We were so honored that in such a short time in the industry we made an impact on (who we think) are the best brides in the world! Since Southern Bliss began we have coordinated countless weddings. Every bride and wedding have been different and unique, but we love building those friendships through such a creative and exciting process. 

3) Our Full Planning package means we'll handle it all!

When you book us for the Full Planning package, you're getting the whole deal. After learning exactly what you want, our team will go to work booking, scheduling and planning every detail so you can do the fun stuff like dress shopping, wedding showers and bachelorette festivities. Like we said above, you can trust us. We have years of experience. Booking us means you don't have to worry or stress or do any of the work, let us take care of it. After all, that's what you hired us for! 

4) Open and honest policy. Tell us everything we need to know!

This is important! As coordinators, we need to know everything. Special requests, must-haves, definite no's, any anticipated problems, etc. Once you tell us, you won't have to worry about those specific details anymore. But we won't know if you're not open and honest from the beginning!

5) We are FOR you!

Our approach to wedding coordinating is personal, relatable and professional. We want you to feel like you can share your ideas, ask every single question and express any concerns. We want to build a friendship that you can trust. We want to this to be the most exciting time of your life, not stressful. We want to be there for you! If it's important to you, it's important to us. 

We can't wait to start planning your wedding!