I just want to start off by saying thank you to y'all for all of your hard work for making March 15th the best day yet for Logan and me. It was seriously FLAWLESS, (besides the broken leg) and that is a huge thanks to you guys. It was so nice to be able to trust you during the planning process. I knew that whatever I was forgetting, you would remember and that you would take care of all the details I was bound to forget. That was such a stress relief to both my mom and me. We were able to put the organization of the day of the wedding into your hands and worry about things that really mattered to us that day, the little sweet details and being with my family and friends that were all beginning to come in town. You had everything ready to go; the vendors, timing, set up of Cherokee, everything! We are so thankful.

Besides doing your job wonderfully, you guys were both so pleasant and fun to be around. You felt like you belonged there with us and made it clear to us that you were there to help in any way possible. I’m such a sap, but the mood of the entire day would have been different if you two weren’t there! I was not worried about how the day would go. I was just happier than ever and SO excited to marry Logan. My mom, sisters, and bridesmaids would have been running around figuring out things if you guys hadn’t been there. I was able to have so much sweet time with them on the day of with literally zero stress- and if you know me at all, that is pretty shocking!

There is so much more to say, but I will stop here and just say thank you for everything! Deciding to have Southern Bliss coordinate the month of the wedding was probably the best decision we made in the planning process.