Amanda is truly a joy to be around, as a friend and as a wedding planner. In her VERY pregnant state, she made my wedding day a breeze. I literally don't think I lifted a finger all day. I had no doubt in my mind that she would make everything perfect! 

I was so relaxed that day that I never even peeked out of my dressing room. I never even asked if everything was ready to go. I felt no fear or stress about what was going on outside of that room! Amanda allowed me to focus on myself, my husband, friends, and family that day, which is something many brides don't get to experience. 

I always tell people what a chill wedding day I had... and it was all thanks to Southern Bliss.

 There is a bonus to hiring Southern Bliss, not only do you get a flawless wedding with no stress, but you will also, inevitably, gain a really wonderful friend in Amanda.

Jasmyn Southern Bliss Wedding