Amanda Graves

Owner | Designer | Executive Planner

Hi! I’m Amanda, founder of my dream and passion, Southern Bliss Weddings. I’m married to my high-school sweetheart, mother to our children, Austin Cole and Avery James, and sassy pup Cheyenne. 

I've been obsessed with Weddings for as long as I can remember (Shout out JLO) but never really knew how to break into the industry until my job at the FAB White Lace and Promises. After a few years of managing their events and being a consultant to so many wonderful brides, I knew the time had come to take a leap of faith. Thus, Southern Bliss was born. 

Never in my wildest dreams did I think Southern Bliss would grow into what it is today. With four amazing ladies on my team, we strive to give these couples a day that they have been dreaming of. 

Random facts:
- Cheez-Its are a staple.
- My accent is country, my soul speaks 90's R&B (RIP Biggie Smalls).
- I hate bridges.
- I was a server for 6 years, which equals really high customer service expectations.
- I could eat Mexican food every day!
- I trip over my own to feet on the regular.

Caris Conner

Executive Coordinator

I'm Caris Conner and as crazy as it sounds... I love being Caris Conner. My family means the world to me- my husband is the funniest  guy I know, my two children are fabulously wild, and we love making our crazy life beautiful. I'm relationally driven and love love love the brides we work with at Southern Bliss. I also love a good challenge, so taking a new venue, new vision, new idea and running with it brings me so much life! If you really knew me you would know I'm Beyonce's biggest fan, I spend my free time volunteering with YoungLife, and I'm tragically unathletic. I can also make a mean chicken pot pie. And thats about as exciting as it gets, folks. 


Gabby Miller

Marketing Specialist | Coordinator

Hi, I’m Gabby! If you really knew me, you’d know I’m incredibly positive, social and organized. I graduated from UT and was one of the lucky ones that absolutely loved her major, PR. I knew I’d want to do something in PR after graduating, but never imagined it would lead to wedding coordinating. My entire life, even the slightest sappy, romantic, lovey thing brought tears to my eyes. Being able to share my passion for events and weddings and use my extreme attention to detail as a job feels like a dream. After I met with Caris and Amanda in 2015, I knew joining their team would be the biggest blessing. 

Devin Inman


Hi! I'm Devin and I was one of Southern Bliss's brides in 2013. I truly loved and enjoyed planning my wedding with Amanda, and now I get the privilege to live out one of my passions working with her! My husband, Mike, and I met our freshman year of college at The University of Tennessee and five years later we had our dream wedding thanks to Southern Bliss. I love love and find my greatest joy helping couples create the wedding day that they had always hoped for!

Erin Accardi


Hi! I'm Erin. I'm married to Devon, and mom to Cameron, Alice Mae, Eli, Cash and Quinn. My perfectly ordinary day you would find me with a book, on a long run/jog, eating lots of green salsa and green olives, hanging with my children who would be in perfectly good moods that day, drinking a diet coke, and going to bed at 8:30 with my husband to watch football or a documentary on PBS.
My favorite part, and my passion, of being a wedding coordinator is to provide a structure and a presence that brings peace and joy and calm to the whole wedding party. My goal is to help YOU (the bride and company) to be PRESENT on your wedding day, trusting the details and the vision for your day will be honored and carried out. My hope is that Bride/Groom & Co. will not have to think about anything that day except each other, the friends and family that surround them, and the significance that this day holds.